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Project SPEAKS, Inc. presents the 1st Annual:



Black Leaders Actively Creating Knowledge (B.L.A.C.K.)


Theme: Amplifying Black Voices and Experiences

We will focus on the importance of amplifying Black voices and experiences, while also placing an emphasis on understanding, appreciating, and celebrating all aspects of Black culture with the objective of promoting self-love, pride, and appreciation for Black/African descended people.

About The B.L.A.C.K. Conference

Project SPEAKS has dedicated itself to providing resources, activities, and services to students and members from marginalized communities with hopes of creating a sustainable and beneficial environment where barriers to opportunities are addressed and eliminated. Since the organization’s formation in 2012, hundreds of people have received equitable resources, engaged in service projects within their communities, and have been provided opportunities and spaces to have dialogue about the issues pertaining to different disadvantaged groups. 


While these are just small efforts towards addressing a global issue, the work still places a necessary spotlight on some of the issues plaguing our communities. One large issue, that is a systemic problem, is the mistreatment and misrepresentation of Black people across the entire world. With the rise in social awareness also lies an increase in the ignorance, dehumanization, and disrespect of Black experiences in all parts of the world.


In response to the negative depictions of Black people and all things surrounding Blackness, Project SPEAKS organized The Black Leaders Actively Creating Knowledge (B.L.A.C.K.) Conference. This conference aims to celebrate, uplift, and represent all forms of Blackness in a positive manner while also providing resources and increasing the awareness of the issues and concerns Black people face in different aspects of society (education, employment, life, etc.).

The mission of the conference is to expose participants to the different aspects of Blackness, celebrate Black success and achievements, and encourage Black progression. Presenters, workshop facilitators, performers and educators will encourage awareness, promote Black pride, and provide strategies towards addressing barriers, gaps, or issues within our communities. 

Why Attend?

The BLACK Conference offers an enticing agenda filled with workshops, presentations, speakers, and entertainment. This event provides the perfect opportunity to increase network contacts in various fields, access to resources, as well as the space to celebrate and honor Blackness.

Keynote Speakers

The conference includes a keynote speaker who shares their unique experience, provides their insight an issue or cause, and embodies Blackness.

Keynote Speakers are specifically selected based on the theme of the year, alignment with organizational goals and overall expertise in various fields. 

Dynamic Workshops

The conference brings dynamic workshops from individuals from different fields ranging from higher education to entertainment. 

Each presenter uses their workshop to  address, promote, encourage or inform attendees on different experiences, strategies or techniques, as it relates to the Black experience. 


Included in this conference is an entertainment portion that brings together local and global talent to express their creative art.


Whether through music, poetry or comedy, these entertainers and content creators  have the platform to connect with the attendees, express themselves and simply ENTERTAIN

Through workshops and entertainment, our goal is to expose participants to the different aspects of Blackness, celebrate Black success and achievements, and encourage Black progression.   

This conference hopes to create platforms for Black connections and progression to promote Black success. Community resources will be used as a necessary tool to create, share, and administer support to move toward a development path for our communities.  

More Information 

If you want to volunteer for the conference, please contact us at Those interested in being a vendor, presenter, or partner, please contact Jakeel R. Harris at

The Black Leaders Actively Creating Knowledge (BLACK) Conference is a service of Project SPEAKS, Inc.. For general inquiries about all Project SPEAKS, Inc. programs and services, please contact us at

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