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Workshop Description: Who we are as individuals make us unique. We must learn about ourselves first before we can attempt to understand whom we want to become. This workshop will explore the different aspects of identity and how it has impacted our lives. Through the use of reflection, activities, and discussion, participants will be encouraged to use the space as a way to reflect on their lives.


  • To encourage participants to engage in self-reflection

  • To increase participant self-awareness and understanding of identity

  • To promote empathy and connection within participants and their peers  

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will be able to build closer relationships amongst each other

  • Participants will be able to gain insight into the different components of identity that impact their lives 

  • Participants will be able to appreciate and reflect on various identities, perspectives, and experiences in an environment of open interaction.

Measurable Objectives


The participant will determine: at least five characteristics of his/her self-concept identifying whether each would be positive or negative; at least five ways to improve or maintain his/her positive self-concept; and identify their roles and responsibilities as a family member, school members, and community member.

Outcome Indicators


Outcome 1

  • Participants will demonstrate sensitivity and respect for others.

  • Participants will share about themselves and their backgrounds.


Outcome 2

  • Participants willingly examine their personal beliefs and values within the context of the learning experience.

  • Participants will demonstrate an awareness of how personal behaviors align with their experiences.


Outcome 3

  • Participants will articulate the value and meaning of their learning experience.

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