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Leadership seminar

Image by Álvaro Serrano

Workshop Description: In this course, students (participants) will increase their own leadership capacities through feedback, reflection, and practice. This course provides an in-depth seminar emphasizing the understanding of successful habits of leadership and the development of leadership skills. It focuses primarily on the traits, values and skills of leaders and the application of various theories and concepts associated with different aspects of social justice.


  • Students will develop and deepen their understanding of the concept of leadership, as well as explore their personal leadership strengths and styles while reflecting on the purpose of leadership.

  • Students will increase their communication skills and understanding of advocacy work.

  • Students will develop various skills associated with leadership and social justice.  

  • Students will enhance their writing skills by comparing and contrasting different leadership approaches.  

* This is a 6-week series and specific topics within the series can be requested separately.

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