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Rhyme & reason: Critical pedagogy of expressive art

Ring of Light Bulbs

Workshop/Course Description: Expressive art provides people with critical ways of thinking and communicating that provoke connection, creativity, and imagination. Expressive arts allow students to see the human experience through the eyes of other people to promote empathy and understanding. This course will focus on fostering and developing a critical analysis skill-set through the use of the expressive art of Hip Hop and Poetry. Through multimedia analysis, participant-led discussions and active listening, students will develop the necessary skill set to critically dissect, interpret, and connect artistic expression to everyday racial inequalities. Utilizing culturally responsive pedagogy (CRP) students will analyze the racial and systemic issues of  Systemic Racism, Masculinity, Police Brutality & Policing, Mass Incarceration, Privilege, Classism, Colorism, and Microaggressions & Cultural Appropriation.

Learning Objectives:


Participants will:

  • Develop skills in critical thinking, reflection, observation, synthesis, and connection 

  • Develop an appreciation for the social, political, and cultural value of expressive art  

  • Gain an understanding of the ways in which different forms of expressive art, such as Hip Hop and poetry, have been shaped by the experiences of African Americans and other oppressed groups in the US.

Assessment of Learning Outcomes:


To evaluate all learning outcomes and objectives,  facilitators may determine the depth and quality of comprehension and critical thinking through an analytical essay (300-500 words) oral or multimedia presentations, class discussions, and other methods as appropriate to course content.

*Curriculum developed by: Stephanie Gonzalez and Jakeel Harris

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