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Self-Reflective Journaling

Workshop Description: Words have the power to shape your perception of the world you operate within. With intentional thought, effort, and action you can empower yourself and encourage understanding within your life to provide clarity.


This workshop is for those seeking a creative way to connect their past with their present. Through the use of art, poetry, and reflection, participants will be encouraged to use self-expression as a way to reflect on their lives. No writing experience is needed!

Goal: To encourage participants to use journaling and creative arts to engage in self-reflection, with the hopes of increasing overall well-being.  

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will be able to understand the benefits of reflection on their personal and social well-being

  • Participants will be able to gain insight into the different aspects that impact their lives  

  • Participants will be able to appreciate and reflect on new ideas and perspectives in a spirit of open interaction.

Outcome Indicators


Outcome 1

  • Participants will objectively and accurately identify personal interests, knowledge, and skills.

  • Participants will engage in reflection and discussion


Outcome 2

  • Participants willingly examine their personal beliefs and values within the context of the learning experience.

  • Participants will become accountable for their own actions and recognize their impact on others.


Outcome 3

  • Participants will articulate the value and meaning of their learning experience.

  • Participants will demonstrate an awareness of how personal behaviors align with their experiences.

  • Participants will consciously affirm their own values while respecting other points of view.

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