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$500 may not seem like much to some but for me its lifechanging. For the first time in my life I can afford classes. For the first time in a long time, I have won something worth bragging about. I finally feel like I am making someone proud. 

- Sarah W., 4th Year Undergraduate Student,

California State University, Long Beach

`21 BREATHE Award Winner  

​This scholarship will help me financially and professionally. I have faced family hardships that have been out of my control but I manage to make the best out of it. I plan to use this scholarship for the necessary tools as a college student to continue with my education. Not to mention, It will help me professionally by pursuing my degree in a field of my interests (Psychology & Nursing). As a first generation college student it will help me facilitate my college journey as well as pursuing both academic and career dreams as the first in my family.

- Brenda A., 4th Year Transfer Student,

California State University, Los Angeles 

`21 BREATHE Award Winner  

Winning this poetry contest makes me feel like my words matter. I am glad that I was able to win an award that will help me pay for some of my books. I have one less thing to worry about now. 

- Anabelle C., 2nd Year Transfer Student,

Mt. San Antonio College 

`21 Poetry Contest Award Winner 

I was really worried about going to school. I've always struggle to pay for college and because of that I never was able to continue college after high school. This award gives me the opportunity to try again without the burden of paying for everything by myself. 

- Justin E., 1st Year Student,

UEI College

`21 Poetry Contest Award Winner 


Receiving this scholarship is proof that I am capable of acheiving success. I had doubts when I got into graduate school and didn't think there was any was of affording it. Now, because of this award, I have an opportunity to pay for some of the fees of graduate school. 

- Desmond R., 1st Year Graduate Student,

Calfornia State University, Northridge 

`21 Representation in STEM Scholarship

Winning this award means a lot to me because it shows that being vulnerable and talking about my circumstances is something that people appreciate to hear. Receiving this scholarship is a special opportunity that I am extremely grateful for because it will lessen the stress I have to pay for college expenses.

- Maddy G., 12th grade, La Puente High School

`20, Stephanie Gonzalez Passion Award Winner


I am very honored to have won this award because it is going to help me in the long run pay for college or any other expenses. I am very thankful for this scholarship since it is a huge help for the fees I may need to pay.... Having this award will help my mother, so she won’t be stressing financially.

- Arianna D., 12th Grade, La Puente High School

`20 Stephanie Gonzalez Passion Award Winner

This scholarship will help me with the stress that comes with having to pay for college. One of my main goals is wanting to be able to solely focus my attention on school, and not have to work a part-time job. Winning this award has given me an extra boost of confidence that I can be great and will succeed in college. 

- Gisselle M., 12th Grade, La Puente High School

`20, Stephanie Gonzalez Passion Award Winner

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