Winning this award means a lot to me because it shows that being vulnerable and talking about my circumstances is something that people appreciate to hear. Receiving this scholarship is a special opportunity that I am extremely grateful for because it will lessen the stress I have to pay for college expenses.

- Maddy G., 12th grade, LPHS

`21 Stephanie Gonzalez Passion Award Winner

I am very honored to have won this award because it is going to help me in the long run pay for college or any other expenses. I am very thankful for this scholarship since it is a huge help for the fees I may need to pay.... Having this award will help my mother, so she won’t be stressing financially.

- Arianna D., 12th Grade, LPHS

`21 Stephanie Gonzalez Passion Award Winner

This scholarship will help me with the stress that comes with having to pay for college. One of my main goals is wanting to be able to solely focus my attention on school, and not have to work a part-time job. Winning this award has given me an extra boost of confidence that I can be great and will succeed in college. 

- Gisselle M., 12th Grade, LPHS

`21, Stephanie Gonzalez Passion Award Winner