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Enhancing group dynamics


Workshop Description: Being aware of the different working environments helps team members navigate through obstacles and mediate conflict. This workshop will discuss different aspects of group dynamics as it relates to creating an effective working environment. This workshop will also explore team-building strategies to help strengthen cohesion amongst different group members.

Goal: To increase group understanding of their roles and impact inside of different working groups.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Participants will be able to increase their understanding and appreciation of the roles, purpose, and expectations of a working group

  • Participants will be able to critically analyze their behaviors in a group setting

  • Participants will be able to improve communication and problem-solving in a group setting

Outcome Indicators


Outcome 1

  • Participants apply the content from the workshop in group settings


Outcome 2

  • Participants reflect and discuss their individual strengths and weaknesses through open dialogue


Outcome 3

  • Participants engage in brainstorming sessions that promote growth

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