Project SPEAKS, Inc.

Our Motto: Creating positive change in communities through education and service

​Project SPEAKS, Inc. (Spreads Positivity Encourage Awareness Know Something), is a (501c3) California based non-profit organization, volunteer group, and movement created to promote unity, self-awareness, and positivity.   

Goal: To provide academic and non-academic resources to developing communities, while promoting community education, social awareness, and personal growth. Through interactive workshops, academic support, and community engagement, Project SPEAKS, Inc. hopes to create change in our communities.

Project SPEAKS, Inc. focuses its efforts on uplifting marginalized communities, as well as providing opportunities for growth and development.


We are dedicated to establishing programming and services to promote, engage, and enhance the development of growing communities through education and service in an attempt to eliminate barriers to opportunities.


Project SPEAKS, Inc. prides itself on promoting equity, positivity, knowledge, and self-respect.

Project SPEAKS, Inc. uses these core values to help foster leadership, fairness, competency, and social change.


Growing communities, with an emphasis on low-income and marginalized populations.


 Self-expression and healing through artistic platforms such as poetry, dance, music, and art.


Activities, services, and programming to promote development, sustainability, and growth.

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Project SPEAKS, Inc. is a 501(c)3 (nonprofit) organization and donations are tax deductible.

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