Project SPEAKS, Inc. strives to establish programming and services to promote, engage, and enhance the development of growing communities. Project SPEAKS, Inc. is dedicated to helping students and community members, especially those who come from marginalized backgrounds, grow personally, academically, and professionally by combining academic services, civic action, social awareness, and community engagement to promote development in all members of society.

In order to advance our mission, we strive to:


  • Vision #1: Provide academic support through peer mentoring, tutoring, and skills development. Additionally, utilize resources to increase access to and persistence through academia.

  • Vision #2: Enhance leadership and social awareness through a variety of programs, conferences, and networking opportunities.

  • Vision #3: Strengthen growing communities through volunteer service, community education, and eliminating barriers to opportunities


Project SPEAKS, Inc. imagines a world that is developmental, sustainable, and full of opportunities. We believe that an inclusive approach, where equal opportunities and equitable outcomes exist for all. Project SPEAKS is committed to developing and supporting communities to create an environment where systemic barriers are identified, acknowledged, and properly addressed. Through our engagement efforts, Project SPEAKS provides a foundation for social activism and community restoration. 


Creating an equitable and just community is an ongoing process that requires individuals to acknowledge and address all barriers arising from the history of bias, discrimination, racism, and organizational structures. These barriers can be both intentional and unintentional, as well as being visible or covert, but they all support the disenfranchisement of the oppressed and the progression of the privileged. 

Project SPEAKS' members and staff engage specifically in communities by promoting pride, addressing social issues, and providing access to the lack of resources impacting those specific communities. 

It is critical for Project SPEAKS and its partners to be explicit in the expression of our collective drive toward these ideals. 



Founder & CEO, Jakeel R. Harris places a strong emphasis on encouraging self-expression and healing through artistic platforms such as poetry, dance, music, and art. He believes that healing is a vital part of sustaining and developing a thriving community. We, as Project SPEAKS, Inc. hope to share and bring exposure to these aspects to communities at large. Everyone a part of a community should have their voices be heard without the threat of silencing. Marginalized populations have historically had their voices challenged and their pain neglected. We want our communities to be heard and their healing to be the focal point of their growing process.


2021-2022 GOALS

  1. Provide greater access to college information, resources and activities.

  2. Collaborate with organizations and local businesses to deliver community resources to underprivileged communities.

  3. Develop activities or services to increase awareness, understanding and community building.


Project SPEAKS, Inc. strives to establish programming and services to promote, engage, and enhance the development of growing communities. Through education and service, we attempt to eliminate barriers to opportunities and provide avenues for continual growth.



Helping The Community

Project SPEAKS, Inc., believes that community engagement and restoration will allow people to grow and excel in a nurturing environment. Through partnerships and service projects we will accomplish this goal.


Providing Educational Support

At Project SPEAKS, Inc., we place an emphasis on providing students with additional academic support through educational workshops and tutoring, as well as resources to promote and increase academic success. We also strive to provide the community with trainings and workshops to increase their skills and awareness on a variety of topics.


Increasing Social Awareness

At Project SPEAKS, Inc., we are dedicated to increasing social awareness within communities through social justice training, workshops, and experiences. We are always striving to make a difference, and enhance our communities. Project SPEAKS, Inc. offers these low-cost and free workshops/trainings on a request basis.



Project SPEAKS, Inc. strives to create workshops and programs that are accessible to the entire community. Providing quality and informative workshops are necessary components in increasing awareness and developing useful skillsets for community members. 


Various workshop topics are offered, including self-awareness/identity, enhancing group dynamics,  self-reflective journaling, empowerment, and many more. Other workshop topics include conflict management, leadership, social justice, and advocacy.


Visit the links below, to learn more about the signature workshops offered. 

Project SPEAKS, Inc. and its partners aim to create content and resources based on the needs of the communities being served.

If there is a topic, not listed above, that you would like us to create a workshop around, or if you would like additional information on a workshop topic, please email us at wearespeaks@gmail.com 

*All workshops offered are provided based on request.

Rock Balancing
Open Book
Women Holding Hands
Black and White Cassette Tape


Jakeel R. Harris, Founder & CEO

"Be Ready Every Amazing Thing Happens Eventually. In other words, BREATHE."

As Founder & CEO of Project SPEAKS, Inc. (501c3), Harris uses his platform to portray and promote blackness in a positive manner. He encourages all people, especially those who come from African ancestry, to connect to their cultural roots, embrace their identity, and build pride in who they are.

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