Project SPEAKS Diversity Statement 

Our Commitment 

Project SPEAKS, Inc. imagines a world that is developmental, sustainable, and full of opportunities. We believe that an inclusive approach, where equal opportunities and equitable outcomes exist for all. Project SPEAKS is committed to developing and supporting communities to create an environment where systemic barriers are identified, acknowledged, and properly addressed. Through our engagement efforts, Project SPEAKS provides a foundation for social activism and community restoration. 


Creating an equitable and just community is an ongoing process that requires individuals to acknowledge and address all barriers arising from the history of bias, discrimination, racism, and organizational structures. These barriers can be both intentional and unintentional, as well as being visible or covert, but they all support the disenfranchisement of the oppressed and the progression of the privileged. To promote and engage in social activism, Project SPEAKS:

Project SPEAKS' members and staff engage specifically in communities by promoting pride, addressing social issues, and providing access to the lack of resources impacting those specific communities. Our members conduct outreach and engage in service projects to support communities in the areas each community has identified. While our members do not identify within each community we serve, we hope to expose our members to different communities and show them that they can still play a part in assisting them. The ultimate goal with this approach is to create an environment of solidarity across different groups, while also focusing efforts on strengthening the respective communities we all belong to. It is critical for Project SPEAKS and its partners to be explicit in the expression of our collective drive toward these ideals. 

Our Commitment to the Black Community 

Project SPEAKS places a heavy emphasis on addressing anti-racism, as well as engaging, supporting, and uplifting the Black community. The organization is committed to designing services, allocating resources, and creating initiatives to:

   Amplify Black Voices, Talents, Experiences and Success 

Educate and Advocate on Issues of Inequity and Against Racist or Discriminatory Policy 

Normalize Social Justice Conversations 

Address Racial Disparities in Society 

Acknowledge and Strategize Against Anti-Black Culture

Celebrate Blackness, Black Achievements and Black History