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At Project SPEAKS, Inc., we place an emphasis on providing students with additional academic support through educational workshops and tutoring, as well as resources to promote and increase academic success. We also strive to provide the community with trainings and workshops to increase their skills and awareness on a variety of topics.



Students from Long Beach City College Upward Bound pictured with Project SPEAKS staff, after a mental health presentation. 2023.


Professional staff from Cal State LA, pictured with Project SPEAKS staff during a social justice training. 2023.

Founder Jakeel Harris leading an educational workshop for Upward Bound students at Pasadena City College. 2019.

Protest Street Sign
Graduating Students
Empty Classroom

In response to the negative depictions of Black people and all things surrounding Blackness, Project SPEAKS organized The Black Leaders Actively Creating Knowledge (B.L.A.C.K.) Conference. This conference aims to celebrate, uplift, and represent all forms of Blackness in a positive manner while also providing resources and increasing awareness of the issues and concerns Black people face in different aspects of society (education, employment, life, etc.).

As a non-profit organization primarily focused on supporting marginalized and underrepresented populations, Project SPEAKS, Inc. is well aware of the financial hardships that these communities face. Through financial support, we hope to help open doors to students from low-income families by eliminating the financial barriers preventing access to education. 

Project SPEAKS, Inc. strives to create workshops and programs that are accessible to the entire community. Providing quality and informative workshops are necessary components in increasing awareness and developing useful skillsets for community members. Various workshop topics are offered, including self-awareness/identity, enhancing group dynamics,  self-reflective journaling, empowerment, and many more. 

2023-2024 SCHOLARSHIPS - Open May 1, 2023

Library Bookshelves

Representation in STEM Scholarship 

Project SPEAKS, Inc. strives to support students from marginalized and disadvantaged backgrounds pursuing education in STEM. Project SPEAKS, Inc. encourages students from these backgrounds, who have a passion for STEM to pursue these goals and aims to help students work towards their educational goals, research, or opportunities. This scholarship focuses on providing financial assistance to ensure students have access to quality education toward a successful career in STEM. 

Award Amount: $2,000  


Award Quantity: 1


Deadline Date: September 30, 2023


Project SPEAKS Award

Project SPEAKS, Inc. is dedicated to helping students and community members, especially those who come from marginalized backgrounds, grow personally, academically, and professionally by combining academic services, civic action, social awareness, and community engagement to promote development in community members. The Project SPEAKS Award was created to recognize students and community members from disadvantaged backgrounds and provide them with a financial stipend to assist with any personal or academic burdens.

Award Amount: $250


Award Quantity: 2


Deadline Date: September 30, 2023



Project SPEAKS, Inc. believes that every individual from every community should have the opportunity to succeed in whatever endeavor they are passionate about. While we understand that the world is what you make it, we also understand that there are barriers and unjust systems plaguing people’s ability to do so. The BREATHE (Be Ready Every Amazing Thing Happens Eventually) Award was established to help eliminate some of those barriers by providing financial assistance to those who have been historically disadvantaged.

Award Amount: $500     


Award Quantity: 2                                         


Deadline Date: December 30, 2023

Poetry Contest

Words have the power to shape realities. Poetry is one avenue that people use to show the power of words. Project SPEAKS, Inc. has created this scholarship/award to encourage people to use poetry as a way to reflect and describe the world as they know it.

Award Amount: $500


Award Quantity: 2


Deadline Date: August 31, 2023



Image by Zaini Izzuddin


Project SPEAKS, Inc. and its partners aim to create content and resources based on the needs of the communities being served. Various workshop topics are offered, including self-awareness/identity, enhancing group dynamics,  self-reflective journaling, empowerment, and many more. Other workshop topics include conflict management, leadership, social justice, and advocacy.


If there is a topic, not listed above, that you would like us to create a workshop around, or if you would like additional information on a workshop topic, please email us at 

*All workshops offered are provided based on request.




Leadership Seminar


Self-Reflective Journaling

Audio Cassettes

Rhyme and Reason: a critical pedagogy of expressive art

Balancing Rocks

self-awareness and identity

Women Holding Hands


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