Tell Me About It 

With Jakeel 

Hosted by the Founder & CEO of Project SPEAKS, Inc., Jakeel R. Harris, Tell Me About It With Jakeel provides insight into the various educational experiences of students of color. The podcast also highlights the work and experiences of educators of color. The podcast seeks to connect to listeners and expose them to the various issues that people of color face while attending, working, and existing within higher education systems. 

Harris and featured guests analyze social issues, culture, and workplace politics that are tied to their lived experiences and reflective moments in education.

Tell Me About It With Jakeel aims to provide authenticity, advice, and perspective to those in higher education, those currently navigating higher education, or simply those who want to hear about the educational journey of those in the community. 

*New episodes for Tell Me About It With Jakeel will occur on a bi-weekly basis.

*Subject to change pending societal circumstances  

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